All Oaxacans have a party spirit in the interior, it only takes a drink of the spirituous elixir from the maguey to betray that seriousness and start dancing, singing and enjoying the party, no matter what kind of celebration is, the wedding, the Party of the people, the family reunion, the birthday, Mezcal must not be missing as it has been for several centuries.

This drink has been present in all kinds of celebrations, especially on Day of the Dead (November 1 and 2) where every altar must carry a glass or bottle of mezcal according to the tastes of the deceased that are expected.

In the patron saint festivities, the hosts or the mayordomos distribute mezcal to all the guests and the itinerary of the calenda is made by drinking mezcal, spreading to everyone a joy without equal.

At weddings, days before the ceremony, bottles of mezcal are brought from the family of the groom to the bride’s family as an offering for the union of families, the day of the ceremony, a woman or man close to the bride and groom He passes table by table distributing and toasting with mezcal.

After the party continues the reheated where they distribute hot, spicy foods and also a good drink of mezcal.

As a family, a good mezcal in the company of a guitar, meetings become more enjoyable, allowing everyone to connect and get closer.