The mezcal is a drink that has a strong mystical importance, perhaps derived from the medicinal and shamanic use for which it is used, with it they are made clean (spiritual ritual of healing), the mother is thanked for the harvests, she also has a social importance among the Oaxacans, since it is used to celebrate or to enjoy in the company of loved ones.

For this reason, taking mezcal requires an action of respect, selection of the best agaves must be done, in addition to carefully applying the ancestral techniques for its elaboration. That is why Alma de Judas took on the task of traveling all over Oaxaca in search of the best and most select mezcales, a difficult task since the state, from North to South is so diverse in nature, that its great valleys, its mountains and different types of climate create a totally different world from the rest of Mexico, it is this richness that allows several species of agaves to come alive and be used for several centuries to create one of the most iconic drinks in Oaxaca.

In this tour of the beautiful state, we find Santa Ana del Rio, a hidden place among the mountains, with a river fed by the mythical Petrified Waterfalls of Hierve el agua, which fertilize the soils where agaves grow as the Espadín (Agave angustifolia Haw) or wild agaves such as the Tobala (Agave Potatorum Zucc.) and Tepeztate (agave Marmorata), as well as being a town dedicated to the production of mezcal and whose mezcal masters have a history of more than three generations elaborated in an artisanal way this spirit drink.

But this search will not stay there, we will continue searching in every corner of Oaxaca for more mezcal, which, like Santa Ana del Rio, will be special.