Here begins the history of our mezcal, to get the best results, Simon selects the richest lands and leaves them ready for planting. With his powerful hands, Pedro plants the baby agave that later will be the raw material of our dangerous drink.



Several years later, when the agaves have reached maturity; Bartolomé, our expert jimador, selects only those who promise a deep flavor.


Between six and eight years later, when the agaves have reached maturity, Bartolomé, our expert jimador, selects only those that promise a deep mezcal flavor.


It is Tomás who transfers the cooked pineapples to the mill, where Felipe is in charge of crushing them, until they get the right consistency.


Once crushed, the pineapples are deposited by Mateo where it will be formulated with water and wood, there they are fermented for approximately twelve days.


Santiago is in charge of the distillation, a complex process where the water and the alcohol of the fermented agave are separated using high temperatures.



Distilled mezcal is placed in barrels of the finest wood, this is where it confers a more consistent aroma and flavor.


When packing, Judas deposits a bit of his soul in each bottle, sealing them with a kiss, creating thus, the most treacherous drink of all.



At the last supper everyone tasted of this ancestral drink, not knowing that Judas was betrayed in it.