It emphasizes the pure and enigmatic essence of the legitimate mezcal, making a mixture between variations, years of life, fermentation and tradition. Soul of Judas, evokes the flavor of the earth, to the most demanding palates, allowing not only to taste, but to feel and live the body and soul of our extraordinary elixir of life, the majestic Oaxacan mezcal.


Mezcal of low alcohol content, ideal for people with sensitive palates, taste for mild aromas and for those who are dedicated to the mixology.

Elaborated under an artisanal process
heritage of generations of mezcal teachers.

Cooking in conical stone oven

Crushed with horse-drawn tahona

Fermentation in pine wood tubs

Double distillation in copper still


Maguey mature of 7 years,
of soft body and essence.

Mature maguey from 10 to 15 years old,
king among kings of mezcal,
with stronger, smoother and balanced aroma

Protector of all agaves
Explendido and vaporous maguey from 12 to 13 years old. Of soft and robust sensation to the palate.

Mysterious and ancient maguey of more than 18 to 25 years. Of robust essence and wild aroma.