In a world where unconsciousness and the change of things are so volatile, we have been concerned with creating a conscious mezcal that can generate a link with society, not only with those who taste to buy our products but also with those who we can inspire and inspire. what inspire us That is why at Alma de Judas we are committed to the musical culture of our state, a state where cultural traditions must go hand in hand with the spirit of help, contribution and dissemination of our Oaxacan identity.

Our commitment is faithful to Oaxaca, where in each of its inhabitants lies an artist waiting to be promoted or in the struggle to be able to progress through the competitive world of art.

Therefore, aware of this situation, we donate a percentage of our profits to the support of social projects and to people who, like us, are concerned with highlighting the multiculturalism of our state, such as the Master Composer Nathanael Lorenzo Hernández, who through the Institute Intercultural Calmécac, which is dedicated to the formation of children and young people through the love of music. The Calmécac Intercultural Institute is located in the community of San Juan del Río, Tlacolula, Oaxaca and began three years ago with the dream of feeding more the musical instruction and increasing the interest in the new generations to continue conserving traditional music in more than 10,000 Oaxacan towns.

Our vision is and will always be to deliver quality products that can meet two very important premises for us; be competitive with the market and be responsible with the environment that is what gives us the raw material of our product. That is why our solid agave waste is used to generate compost, reusing the vinasse we are currently working with, in the search for a method that allows us to use this waste productively. For us it is essential to collect seeds from our wild agaves, to help their reproduction and timeless preservation, for that reason we designed artisanal ovens that help to take advantage of 100% heat and minimize the consumption of firewood. All in favor of citizen participation to achieve a more natural space and always taking care of the responsibility we have with the environment and society.