From our mezcales the most rebellious and exotic, strong and brave because he likes to grow on cliffs and cliffs, where one would not believe finding something so majestic is where this tremendous and magnificent agave sprouts and thrives, with a breathtaking view when it arrives to his maturation that takes him from 20 to 30 years, clinging to his life during all that time in the place where he decided to exist, because if he is sown and treated like his brother the agave sprat would take more years to reach its maturation The flavors, however, are enjoyed noble, just as its aroma is perceived that is how it tastes.

Its flavors and aromas are the product of a process between him and the mezcalero master who takes advantage of him with respect and the knowledge that his ancestors have inherited for generations, and from his own growth process, the subtle smell and flavor of herbs are transmitted by the plants and flowers that grew and accompanied him in his existence around him, that is why we jimamos our maguey tepeztate in spring because it is when the Oaxacan field is blooming and all those smells can be even more absorbed by the maguey during the jima.

The mezcal tepeztate is preferred by those demanding palates because in a single sip they find the presence of different herbs, flowers and plants, their flavors and aromas are penetrating, they embrace the soul and they share the enjoyment of existence.